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December 19, 2022
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Ever since I was a little girl and watching movies on TV where the action took place on the streets of the famous Big Apple, I’ve had the desire to visit New York in winter.

So I came to love New York before I knew it, from the movies, but the one that really made me fall in love with the city was the famous series Sex and the City.

Many years later, I arrived in New York on December 21, eager to tick off all the famous places seen in the movies and discovered that the city is truly magical around Christmas time.

So I’ve compiled a top 10 list of places worth visiting in New York, as well as famous movies featuring recommended sights!

1.Rockefeller Center

Every year for more than 80 years, Rockefeller Center has hosted the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, which also kicks off the city’s festive season. Typically, the tree is more than 25 meters tall and decorated with apx. 50k lights is the centerpiece of the New York attraction. It’s gorgeous, both day and night!

Movies: Home Alone & New Year’s Eve!

2. Central Park, the green heart of the city has a pulse in all seasons. Always bustling with people, it is one of New York’s main attractions and riches. This park has a wealth of activities to delight you, whether you want to go skating, opt for a horse-drawn carriage ride or simply stroll around admiring the scenery.

Movies: Home Alone 2 & Serendipity

3. Empire State Building – is one of New York’s iconic buildings and once the tallest building in the world. For those who want to see the city from above, they have the opportunity to visit it.

Movies: King Kong, Gossip Girl, Sleepless in Seattle & An Affair to remember

4. New York Public Library – it’s a piece of art. We spent half a day here and admired it in all its glory! You absolutely must visit it!

Movies: The Day after Tomorrow & Winter’s Tale

5. Brooklyn Bridge –is my favorite bridge in New York and connects Manhattan to Brooklyn. It’s a real pleasure to walk on it and admire the city, especially at night when everything is lit up.

Movies: Sex and the City, Limitless

6. Times Square –is one of the busiest places I’ve ever been! Although you see all the craziness there, I think it’s the only place I don’t like in New York! But you don’t call yourself a tourist if you’ve made it this far and don’t tick off the most famous intersection in the city.

Movies: Vanilla Sky, Just my Luck, Closer, Life or something like it, New Year’s Eve.

7. The building from the movie Friends – if you loved the show that aired in the early 90s, it’s worth taking a stroll through the Greenwich neighborhood and admiring the building that houses the apartment of the movie’s protagonists. It is located at 90 Bedford Street.

Movies: Friends 😊

8. Little Italy – a famous neighborhood in New York where the majority of the population is Italian and where you can see a lot of Italian restaurants where the food is brilliant.

Movies: The Godfather, Donnie Brasco, Little Italy

9. Wall Street Bull – One of the most recognizable symbols of New York’s financial district, where the bull represents the “bull market”, a market that continues to grow.

Wall Street is one of the most famous streets not just in New York but in the world, often associated with the wealth and ambition that characterizes America.

Movies: Wall-Street: Money never sleeps, The Wolf from Wall Street, Hustlers

10. Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment from Sex and the City – you can see the outside of the building where much of the film was shot. The address is 64 Perry Street.

Movies: Obviously the series Sex and the City!

Besides all these places, you should know that the whole city is like a magnet. Everywhere you look, you see something fabulous! Everything has a vibe of its own – from the well-known and lesser-known places to the cheerful or grumpy people and the impressive buildings!

Winter in New York is a fairytale, Americans are big fans of Christmas and absolutely everything is decked out for the holiday: houses, shop windows, shops. The streets are packed with tourists who flock to see and film the lights show on Fifth Avenue.

Be sure to dress warmly, as the winter months are extremely cold and to have a positive experience in the city!

Movies: Once Upon a time in America, Goodfellas, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Irishman, American Psycho, The Social Network,  La La Land, The Dark Knight, Taxi Driver, Alfie, Ghost, Coming to America

You can read about my first experience in New York here!

Travel, live, love…in the American Christmas spirit!

Kisses & wishing you a peaceful holiday season!


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