One day in Belgrad
June 20, 2023

Montenegro “Marathon”: Budva – Kotor – Perast

I’ve left Belgrade behind us, which I’ve told you about here, and continued on to Montenegro, where we planned to see Budva, Kotor and Perast.


The tourist and entertainment magnet of Montenegro is Budva, where we stayed for 2 nights. The hotel was a very nice and clean boutique hotel with a delicious breakfast and a great view, called Bono.

Budva – the hidden pearl of the Adriatic Sea, attracts many tourists every year, with enchanting landscapes, sunny beaches and lively nightlife.

The old town of Budva is dominated by a medieval citadel, full of chic terraces, restaurants, souvenir shops and narrow, charming alleys inside.

We were lucky enough to get there on the very evening that the tourist season was officially opening and there was a stage at the beginning of the fortress, where there were fashion shows, dances and international singers. The old center was full of people swarming around like ants, and it was crowded everywhere.

What did I eat good in Budva?

The only aspect that disappointed me here was food. I didn’t eat anything that particularly impressed me.

On our first evening we chose to eat in the old town at the terrace of the Astoria Hotel, which looked very elegant with prices to match, but the food left something to be desired. The seafood pasta was seafood-less, the salad also a disappointment: just a bagged salad with a few mini prawns added that you couldn’t eat.

Disappointed with the food here, we went to get pizza from the street, but no luck with the pizza either. Extremely salty and full of spices, not at all to my taste.

I don’t want to put labels and say that the food is bad in Budva, because I didn’t have much time to experience many restaurants either. I think we were just constrained by time and didn’t have when to discover the places where the food is good.

Kotor -medieval town, not to be missed if you come to Montenegro! Located in the bay of the same name, it is on the list of the most beautiful bays in the world. The main attraction here is the old town. Stari Grad is surrounded by a wall, which is accessed through one of the 3 gates. Once inside the fortress, you will feel like in a labyrinth, full of narrow streets, terraces, churches, medieval buildings, with very strong Venetian influences. On the day we arrived there, in front of the fortress, there was also a market with fruits, fresh vegetables and traditional products.

Perast – is the most beautiful settlement in the Bay of Kotor, Montenegro! On the way to Dubrovnik we spotted it from the car and said we really had to stop on the way back to admire the natural grandeur of this beautiful place.

It was the perfect time at sunset, when there weren’t many tourists, and we could enjoy the scenery. We were also lucky enough to witness two elegant Italian weddings taking place there.

Perast is quite small, you can walk it in no more than 30 min from one end to the other and all the way you will meet cats, lazing under the playful rays of the sun.

My favorite moment in Montenegro was the last evening in Budva, when I caught beautiful fireworks show while Italy’s Eurovision representatives were humming songs much loved by the audience. I urge you to watch to the end of the video below! It’s WOW!

It was a magical evening that stayed with me and whetted my appetite to return to this beautiful location.

Travel, live, love…in the magical spirit of the moment!


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