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I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to spend a holiday in Sardinia. I’d read about it, heard from friends that it was worth visiting and that it was the favorite holiday destination for Italian millionaires. However, no one warned me that I would fall in love with what I would discover there.

The beauty of the place cannot be described in words. The colors are fade through the lens of the mobile phone camera. The emerald waters gleam brightly in the sunlight like a jeweled lace at the neck of the island. The almost white sandy beaches and granite cliffs shaped by the strong wind will witness many a tourist’s journey to this corner of heaven.

Palau, my accommodation in Sardinia

I spent a week in this dreamy place, during which time I chose to stay in a small port town, Palau. It wasn’t by accident that I chose it, but because I wanted to have plenty of transport options at my fingertips, both by water and by land.


For a 20-minute ferry ride and a few euros, you end up on the island of La Maddallena, where I chose to spend the day. For half the day I wandered the narrow cobbled streets of the historic center, where time seems to stand still, and then lazed on the beach on Caprera Island at Relitto Beach.

What to see in Sardinia

La Maddallena and Caprera are part of the main islands of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, which is located a few kilometres off the coast of north-east Sardinia and Corsica and consists of over 60 islands and islets. In addition to these two, the remaining main islands are Budelli, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Santa Maria and Razzoli, together called the “Seven Sisters”. The archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been declared a nature reserve by the Italian state.

We drove to the north of the island, to Capo Testa, which is considered one of the most beautiful and appreciated sites in Gallura and the whole of Sardinia. Here, you can see numerous granite rocks and where the island of Corsica can be seen. The view is very beautiful.

From the north, we drove down along the Emerald Coast, where we stopped in the famous resort, Porto Cervo. This is considered the playground of millionaires everywhere, where you can see their state-of-the-art toys on display: grand yachts, luxury cars and manicured villas covered in flowers. You can also find the latest in fashion, as it’s full of shops from famous designers from around the world.

In the heart of the beautiful Costa Smeralda we found another gorgeous beach where we spent a whole day: La Celvia. Full of colourful flowers, turquoise water, yachts in the distance, fine sand…something to dream about.


I don’t think Italian food needs any description, as it is so famous and tasty. Seafood pasta, fish cooked in salt, gellato, everything fresh and delicious.

The restaurants I tried and liked were Ristorante Da Robertino and Il Ghiottone in Palau for fresh seafood, La Ruota, a restaurant near Arzachena for spaghetti with lobster and fish, Ristorante Pasta e Vino for ravioli and of course the croissants, cappuccino and gellato from all over the island.

Sardinia – Paradise

Sardinia is an island that deserves all your attention when you’re thinking of a holiday destination, because you have various activities to do and beautiful places to visit. It’s worth mentioning that you’d find it much easier if you rented a car, so you can get to as many beaches and hidden spots as possible.

Unfortunately, I’ve only seen a small part of this island and I would definitely return here to explore the rest of the places I didn’t get to that I’m sure are worth discovering.


Travel, live, love…in the spirit of “dolce far niente”.


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